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Quantitative Research
Business decisions about your companies products and services need to be made on a daily basis. Each of these decisions carry some type of risk. Well designed quantitative marketing research reduces making unprofitable decisions or keeps a client from missing out on a potentially profitable new venue.
Market Logistics provides our clients with customized research specifically designed to reduce these risks and maximize any new potential market gain. We carefully map out all steps of a study -- from initial consultation on objectives to designing a results-oriented questionnaire, to generating the data tables and applying statistical testing measure that yield actionable results. We are firmly committed to providing you with research that answers your business decision needs.
Types of studies we have experience in conducting are...
  • Advertising Awareness Studies
  • Competitive Market Structure Studies
  • Conjoint (Trade-Off) Analyses
  • Customer Satisfaction Studies
  • Message Testing
  • Product Concept Evaluations
  • Product Naming Studies
  • Product Placement and Recall Tests
  • Sales Rep Effectiveness Research
  • Segmentation/Product Positioning Studies
  • Usage and Attitude Surveys
A sampling of the methodologies we utilize is...
  • Standard and Computer Assisted Telephone Interviews (CATI)
  • Internet/Web-site Interviews
  • Traditional Mail Studies
Our analytical tools range from standard statistical comparisons to a variety of complex analyses. These would include...
  • Statistical Testing on Data Tables
  • Multivariate Analysis (ANOVA, Regression, Factor, Cluster and Discriminate Analyses, etc.)
  • Creative analytical approaches to summarizing and interpreting data (i.e., Perceptual Mapping, Gap Analysis).
Reporting and Presenting Your Results
A well written report (i.e., PowerPoint Presentation including charts and graphs) is imperative to providing a client with useful data that can be presented to not only Board Members, but the entire marketing research team. Market Logistics' report writers analyze your data; which means not just reading your data tables and reporting numbers. Our writers interpret the data weighing numbers and percentages against many variables, then write the study findings.

Report content always includes the following:


Background and Methodology


Next Step Recommendations

Summary of Findings


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